Brands We Offer

AMX AMX - Touch Panel Media Control Systems
Analog Way Analog Way - Seamless Switchers and Scalers
Audica Audica - Hi-fidelity Ceiling Speakers and Compact Box Speakers
Biamp Biamp - Audio Digital Signal Processors
Christie Christie - A World Leader in Visual Solutions for World-Class Organisations. Professional projectors manufacturer for Cinemas, Theaters, Concert Hall, etc
Clear-Com Clear-Com - Wired/Wireless Production Intercom Systems
Clock Audio Clock Audio - Microphones and Audio Equipment Solutions
Creator Creator - Touch Panel Media Control Systems
Crestron Crestron - Home Automation, Business, Campus Solutions
ETC ETC - Theatrical Stage Lighting and Architectural Lighting Systems
JVC JVC - Network Cameras
Key Digital Key Digital - Digital Audio and Video technology
Kramer Kramer - Switchers, Scalers, Computer Interfaces and Cables
Lab Gruppen Lab Gruppen - Professional Audio Amplifiers
Lake - Digital Audio Processing in Live Sound
Omnivex Omnivex - Digital Signage Software Systems
Rankus Heinz Renkus Heinz - Sound Reinforcement Loudspeakers
Remaco Remaco - Projection Screens
Sennheiser Sennheiser - Microphones, Headsets, Headphones and Wireless Systems Communication
Stewart Stewart - Projection Screens
Soundtube Soundtube - Sound Focusing Speakers, In-ground/Outdoor Speakers
Tannoy Tannoy - Hi-fidelity Ceiling Speakers and Studio Monitor Speakers
Vbrick Vbrick - MPEG2, MPEG4 Video Streaming and Video-On-Demand Systems
Williams Sound Williams Sound - Wireless Communication Systems
Wolfvision Wolfvision - High Resolution Visualisers
Yamaha Yamaha - Mixers and Processors