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Crowne Plaza Hotel Singapore

Singapore – November, 2007 – Crowne Plaza Hotel Singapore has awarded the design, supply and installation, testing and commissioning of audio, visual, stage/performance lightings and digital information signage system to EAS.

Crowne Plaza, located at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, is dedicated to providing convenience and quality meeting planning services to business travellers as the first ever airport hotel in the country. In order to achieve this goal, Crowne Plaza has invited EAS to design a state-of-the-art AV system in their boardroom, smart room, conference room and sports bar.

To ensure premium sound quality in the meeting rooms, EAS proposed the use of Sennheiser’s evolution wireless microphone and monitoring systems together with QSC power amplifier, Biamp digital signal processor, Yamaha audio mixer and Tannoy CVS series ceiling speakers. On top of that, EAS has also installed Strand’s programmable lighting control and Polycom video conferencing system in the multi-purpose conference room.

As mentioned above, the main market focus of Crowne Plaza Hotel is business travellers and it is crucial for these busy people to stay up-to-date with first hand information from all over world. In order to do so, EAS has proposed Omnivex digital signage software, the Omnivex Display3 Player, which allows them to manage any number of displays from a central location using a store-and-forward system that avoids network congestion.

Opened in early 2008, Crowne Plaza has since been providing outstanding services to travelers and has received impressive ratings from all-over-the-world.

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